TPI Physical Golf Screen (split over 2 visits)
What is the TPI Physical Golf Screen?

A golfer's swings faults and characteristics can be directly attributed to the physical limitations of their body. The Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) has studied this complex relationship between the human body and the golf swing. The TPI philosophy is to educate professionals of the golfing industry and playing public on the importance of the body and how it relates to the golf swing also known as 'The Body Swing Connection'.

TPI have developed a golf specific physical screen designed to identify any mobility, stability and balance limitations that may affect a golfer’s swing. By not addressing these physical limitations the golfer may not be reaching their full potential whilst increasing the risk of sustaining an injury, reducing performance and longevity in their game.

A TPI Certified Physiotherapist will perform the TPI Physical Golf Screen to identify any physical limitations that may be preventing the Golfer (you) from achieving an efficient golf swing.

Initial TPI Physical Golf Screen $185.00 (45mins)

  • 45 minute appointment where the TPI Certified Physiotherapist will perform the TPI Physical Golf Screen. For new clients, the information gathered during the assessment will include: relevant medical and injury history; past, present, and future physical activity.

Follow Up TPI Physical Golf Screen $125.00 (30mins)

  • 30 minute appointment where the TPI Certified Physiotherapist will discuss the results of the Initial TPI Physical Golf Screen. The results of the screen will be sent to the Golfer and their Golf Professional/Instructor. The Golfer will be given an individualised exercise and physiotherapy program aimed at the physical limitations identified in TPI Physical Golf Screen.

TPI Physical Golf Screen Availability

8:00am to 12:00pm


TBA - On Request

*The TPI Physical Golf Screen cost may be partially or fully covered by your private health fund provided you have physiotherapy coverage. Unfortunately Drive Physiotherapy cannot provide direct claims using HICAPS. Major private health insurance providers have the ability for you claim online. For more information contact your private health insurer.

TPI Physical Golf Screen

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